Nanoteva uniqueness

Nanoteva nutritional supplement’s uniqueness is in the  combination of adaptation of scientifically studied herbs and the creation of formulas through an advanced and unique extraction process. In the producing process, a concentrated active ingredient release into the formula fluid that later effectively assimilated into the body, with the aim of obtaining treatment to the root of the health problems.
NanoTeva products include a blood pressure product, a product designed to treat diabetes aimed at balancing the HBA1C. Product for strengthening the immune system and more..

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Nanoteva Tech

Nanoteva invested in research of unique production process that enables to produce supplements containing natural active plant substances.
Nanoteva supplements products have the advantage of a significant assimilation of herb ingredients that found effective in research into the body. The process includes an assimilation of different active substances for multiple facades of the body simultaneously.

All products are manufactured in an advanced factory approved by the Ministry of Health.